Sabian Crescent 18" Stanton Moore Smash crash S18C18

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Sabian Crescent 18" Stanton Moore Smash Crash Perth Music Park western Australia I didn’t want traditional crashes that jump out and cut through the music, I wanted cymbals that would blend

Crescent - SABIAN Cymbals - Reliability, Durability & Quality

Sabian Crescent 18" Stanton Moore Smash Crash Perth Music Park Aggressive and Funky Very Thick Crash Sound Sloppy in a Good Way The Sabian 18" Crescent Stanton Moore Smash Crash Cymbal gives you a thicker crash sound than many other cymbals. Just like New Orleans second-line music, it's a little bit sloppy but in a very good way.  A high-quality collection of thoughtfully designed signature cymbals, Stanton Moore’s Crescent set has real character and personality yet is capable of enhancing a wide range of musical styles. Stanton Moore - “Sabian brought over Charlie Brown, the master cymbalsmith. I watched him hammer and I said, ‘Mr Brown, no offence but you are too good! Can you figure out how to build some imperfections and inconsistencies into the process?’”

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Hand Hammered? No
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