Yamaha 14"x6" Vintage Black Maple Snare Drum

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This is the ideal snare drum for someone looking for the sound and feel of the classic vintage snare drums sought after by collectors. Music Park has the largest range of Yamaha Drums in Perth
The 14" x 6" four-ply maple shell with 6-ply reinforcing rings is modeled after some of the most popular vintage snare drums. The bearing edges are 60° with a rounded profile for maximum contact with the head. This gives the drum a warm, and woody tone, with great sustain. The snare beds are 2.7mm deep for wide dynamic response, allowing the snares to be very loose for that classic wet, funky sound or tightened up for a crisp, dry snare sound. The Vintage Series snare drums are fitted with 8-lug, 1.6mm steel hoops to minimize the amount of metal on the shell and give the drum a "soft" feel. The lugs are the small, single-bolt design used on the Oak Custom series drums. The Vintage Series snares are available in versions of our vintage finishes, The original Vintage Natural, Vintage Black, Vintage Brown, and Vintage Apple. Shell 4ply Maple shell sealed by our Air-Seal System that woods cut into plies are sealed together precisely with evenly distributed air pressure and 6ply reinforced Maple shell (ring). Triple Flange Steel Hoop (1.6mm) To obtain a rich vintage sound we chose a triple-flange hoop with 8 tensioners for the 14-inch shell. The lower tension delivers a deeper, more open sound. Bearing Edge R3 60° In 40 years of product development, Yamaha has found four wood snare drum bearing edge designs that produce unique tonal character and depth. Sharp edges deliver sharper tone with excellent response and rounded angles produce a rounder, thicker tone. Varying the thickness of the radius top allows for further modification. Using different bearing designs on the top and bottom of the snare is also effective in modifying the tone. Snare Bed Snare bed depth greatly influences snare effectiveness making it the most important factor in creating the snare drum sound. This model's snare bed is 2.7mm that offers greater snare sensitivity. Sonic Hoop Reinforcement In the past, reinforcement hoops were used to compensate for inadequacies inherent to old shell designs that would often cause the shell go out of round. Utilizing Yamaha's Air Seal System, it is virtually impossible for shells to go out of round. Our reasoning for using reinforcement hoops now is strictly a musical one. We utilize these hoops to bring out particular tonal characteristics, giving the drummer new and specific musical choices. When a shell is being created via our Air Seal System, the Yamaha gSonic Hoopshare being treated at the same time. In the end, this original process causes the hoops and shell to act as one unit as opposed to merely two pieces being glued together. This guarantees a sturdy reinforcement. Musically, it also produces a short sustain of the fundamental note, while also giving a rich and longer overtone. Strainer H type (Release) and DC type (Butt). Small Lugs Our lugs incorporate special lug receiving units, not springs, for seating tuning rods securely. The lugs casing are small in size, minimizing lug-to-shell contact, and incorporating nylon inserts that prevent tuning rods from loosening under heavy rimshots. Snare Hi-carbon steel 20 strands. (SN1420CP) *Snare Plate (Pat. Pend.) Yamaha snare plates offer superior snare to head contact due to the slight bend in their design. When the string is drawn tight, the edge of the patented snare plate is pulled upward putting the snare in full contact with the head. Snare plates in the CP series are made using a special bonding agent between the plate and the coil that provides greater durability and finer response compared to previous designs. Snare coils on CP series snare drums are now covered with a special new finish that allows more of the materialfs tone to come through. *Strong Snare Strings Nylon strings are covered with a nylon braid for maximum strength and durability. Specifications Shell 14" x 6" maple, 4-ply with 6-ply reinforcing rings Bearing Edges 60° with round profile Snare Beds 2.7mm Lugs Single-bolt, chrome-plated Oak Custom style Hoops 8-lug 1.6mm steel triple-flanged Strainer H-type (Absolute) Snares 20-strand hi-carbon Music Park in Perth Western Australia has a great range of Yamaha all at discount prices.
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Manufacturer Yamaha
Material Maple
Shell Material Maple
Snare Dimensions 14"x6"
Drum Finish Style Vintage Black
Handmade No
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