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Revv Amplification is a Canadian Company. Revv Amplification is a company of dedicated engineers & musicians with one passion – solving problems for guitar players. Your gear should work for you, not against you. If your gear sounds good quickly & reliably you can focus on writing, producing, & performing. You know, the music. Check them out at Music Park's Perth shop

Revv Amplification at Music Park in Perth

Music Park are renowned for carrying a great range of amps and for always having something different.

That continues with Revv Amps and Cabs. 

They are a brand that is new to most people so we thought we would just put some info here about them. 

Clearly, if they sound like they might suit you, come into the shop and let Lee, Daniel, Rob, Brad and Mick show them to you and then have a play yourself, as that's really the way to find out what they are like.

We are confident you will love them, just like we do.


You’ll hear us talk about The Revv Family a lot, which is because we are in this together with our friends, supporters, & customers. We work tirelessly to develop cool new gear for you & put food on the table for our families, which doesn’t happen without your help. This is why our relationship with you is so important – you can even join our Facebook community to directly communicate with us & share your musical journey. Whether it’s leading the charge for reactive load & virtual cabinet integration by releasing the world’s first Two notes Torpedo-embedded tube amps, developing our amps & pedals with feedback from world class touring artists & recording engineers, or releasing a line of guitar pedals & smaller tube amps to make our boutique tone affordable, Revv Amplification is committed to bringing simple, versatile, & reliable tone to everyone.

Who are Revv Amps?

Who are Revv Amps? Where are Revv Amps made? Dan Trudeau and Derek Eastveld cofounded Revv Amplification in Winnipeg Canada in 2014.

It’s a great time to be a guitarist – you have so many options. So why should you consider Revv Amplification?

  1. Who are Revv Amps? Dan Trudeau and Derek Eastveld have worked to produce a strong local business based on a close-knit team of dedicated workers. Doing everything ourselves has its advantages – we can make sure your Revv Amplification experience is top notch – every time. With a focus on innovating and supporting the global music scene and supporting the local Winnipeg community, we call our friends The Revv Family for a reason.
  2. Where are Revv Amps made? Revv Amplification gear is designed and built with attention to detail that gives it a new level of reliability and performance. Dan Trudeau has trained a small and dedicated team to produce all Revv Amplification amps, pedals, and more to high standards in Winnipeg, Canada. You can rest assured that everything from your pedal to your 120 watt 4-channel amplifier is meticulously crafted & quality checked and uses the best components for the job.
  3. Our Tone & Design Revv Amplification’s goal is combining unique, mix-ready tone, with the quality of life that makes guitar gear reliable and easy to use. Derek Eastveld has spent years collecting feedback from music’s best touring artists, session musicians, and recording engineers to produce tones that always cut and gear that always delivers. All of our circuits are original and our gear is designed to make the touring, recording, and home guitarist’s life easier. Such as our D20 – the world’s first Two notes Torpedo-Embedded reactive load & virtual cabinet amplifier.


President & Designer

I know how important tone is to your music – I’m a musician myself. Some gear just doesn’t want to give guitarists what they need, so what do you do? Start ripping amps apart to see how they work! At least that’s what I did.

I learned electrical engineering as a CNC repair technician and later advanced into Robotics and Systems. When my friends and musicians realized I knew how their stuff worked, I became the designated repairman… luckily I liked it! 

My passions for electronics and music were finally coming together. I knew I had to design and build my own amplifiers. Amplifiers that provide totally unique tone not be found in other amps, with circuits that stand up to the beatings of gigging night after night. 

Revv Amplification has been my passion ever since.

-Dan Trudeau

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Red Channel & the Purple Channel?

The Red Channel is our highest gain channel. It is very saturated with a low mid focus & is fat & easy to play. The Purple Channel is our tightest & clearest channel. While it has a lot of gain – it has a more upper mid focus with a razor sharp low end. Hear the Red Channel here and the Purple Channel here. Both of these got some great tonal upgrades for our new MKIII line of amplifiers as well to make them even more versatile.

What’s the difference between the Generator 120, 100R, & 100P.

These amps all share the same features & even are all technically 120 watts. The difference is that the 120 has all 4 of our channels, while both 100s are 3-channel (clean, crunch, & high gain) for a simpler & more affordable amp. The 100P’s high gain channel is the Purple Channel, which is very tight & clear. The 100R’s high gain channel is the Red Channel, which is super saturated with tons of low end.

Some of your amps have a lot of switches. Are they hard to dial in?

We put a lot of effort into this. Amps with tons of switching can often just make an amp take longer to dial in. That sucks. All of ours have a purpose. Switching to single coils? Need a lead boost? Want more cut? All of our switches are designed to voice the amp the way you like, or let you change the character quickly & with purpose without turning any knobs.

Do Revvs take pedals well?

Yep! We love pedals. Our clean channels are very organic & capable of being really clean so you can stack to your heart’s delight. Many players think our distortion is tight and punchy enough without overdrives, but feel free to shape it even more with your favorite drive. Our FX loop is also totally awesome, to make sure you get the most out of your delays, modulations, & wacky effects.

What’s the difference between Revv pedals? G2, G3, & G4.

So Revv Amplification makes amp-like Revv pedals which are color coded based on the channels from our Generator 120 amplifier & are numbered increasing in gain. Revv G2 is a clear / crunchy OD up through classic amp gain tones (it’s not “that green overdrive” despite the color coincidence!), the Revv G3 has a tight clear distortion tone, & the Revv G4 will have the most, thickest gain.

How will I integrate a Revv into my digital rig?

Revv Amps are fully programmable, with or without MIDI. This makes them ideal for hybrid rigs that include modeling (we’ve worked with Line 6 to model the Generator 120 for Helix!), multi effects, or switchers. They even sound great through cab simulators, like Two notes products.

Speaking of Two notes – what are the Revv D20 & Revv G20? The D20 was the first Two notes amp? What does it do?

Not only do these amps pack our huge Revv Amplification tones into portable 9lb packages (Revv D20 for Dynamis clean & crunch, Revv G20 for Generator Purple Channel high gain), but they were some of the first amplifiers on Earth to include built in reactive load & impulse responses for direct XLR-out playing, performing & recording. This is unlike old direct technology because the reactive load doesn’t just allow you to play safely without a cabinet – it accurately replicates the feel & tone of a real cabinet. The impulse responses are also not simple analog EQ curves, but rather hyper-accurate DynIR captures of real speaker cabinets which can be manipulated by you digitally moving & changing microphones. This gives you unparalleled control & consistency for your tone while allowing you to have all the feel & ease of use of an analog tube amp married with the convenience & quality of life of cutting edge digital technology.

Then, what is Generator MKIII?

Generator MKIII takes all of that Two notes tech, gives it Stereo-direct out with a double tracker, & packs it into an all new series of Revv flagship amplifiers which include a built-in noisegate, reverb, tonal updates, new clean & crunch modes, & more! It’s really an entirely new type of amplifier that combines tube tone & feel with modern convenience. You have to check it out!

Do you make cabs?

Check them out right here. They’re built like tanks and we use premium WGS speakers for clear, huge tone perfectly suited to our amps. The Revv badge on the front even changes LED colors if you use them with your Revv head!

I’ve heard a lot of people call Revv amps “mix-ready.” What does this mean and how did you do that?

Amps can sound great, but generally have a lot of excess noise going on. That’s what makes your highs icepick, or your lows flubby. Even worse, you can wind up fighting with your bass player, the cymbals, or even the vocalist! (And we know we have to keep them happy) Any tone will love a little additional EQ and compression before going into a mix, but we spent a lot of time making Revv amps sound balanced, full, & huge so they can drop right into your live set or studio setup and sound as good as possible. Tight but full lows. Present but smooth highs. Punchy but clear mids. You really have to hear it for yourself!

Will Revvs work well in low tunings?

Oh yeah! Many of our artists use as low as 8 strings and don’t even use an overdrive in front.

I play blues & classic rock! Why do I need a Revv?

We put a huge focus  on our clean and vintage-style tones. Feedback from A-level Nashville session & touring artists made us pursue these tones even more, and we’re so stoked that we’re used by musicians all over the music city! We’ve even become great friends with Shawn Tubbs who demonstrates these kinds of tones all the time!

Can I customize my amp when ordering?

We have a wide range of tolex color options, and sometimes offer limited edition colors of our pedals & lunchbox heads. Check out some options here for example.

Can Revvs use different types of tubes?

Yep! Our small heads are 6v6 only – this is really the best for the smaller platform. Our 100 watt & higher heads can be biased to accept 6l6, EL34, or KT88 power tubes.

On the road & in the studio

“The Generator 120 is by far one of the best new modern heads out on the market. I use mine in the studio and live all of the time. Great tone and incredible dynamic range!”

Ken Susi | Unearth

“I was amazed by what Revv Amplification has to offer. These amps sounds tight and big. They are the real deal. It’s the attention to detail that I love – multiple master volumes, fully programmable footswitch and MIDI-capable… I enjoyed the Generator 100 so much that I refused to send it back. I sent  Revv a cashier’s check instead.”

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce | Dragged Under

“Everytime I play a Revv amp onstage or in the studio, heads turn. I don’t know that I’ve ever played an amp and had more people ask me about my tone! The amps are super responsive, have plenty of mojo and are extremely versatile!”

Murray Pulver | Doc Walker


  • Tone For Everyone – Our amp-voiced guitar pedals get you Revv tone on a budget
  • The Right Tool For The Job – Perfectly integrate into any rig
  • Customizable – Color, tubes, & more
  • Passion – Made by a team of dedicated musicians & engineers
  • Service – Satisfaction guaranteed

Amp Features

  • Tube Tone – Fully Programmable
  • Easy To Dial – The Sound In Your Head
  • Handbuilt In Canada – Quality Components & Craftsmanship
  • Mix Ready – Tight, Clear, & Organic
  • Versatility – The Best Of Vintage & Modern

Tube Amps

Music Park in Perth Western Australia carry a good range of Revv Amps and Cabs

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