Vox Cambridge50 12" Guitar combo amp

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The Vox Cambridge50 12" Guitar combo amp is an incredible value amp that is LOUD If you need an amp on this budget that can keep up with a band, check it out at Music Park's Perth shop

Vox Cambridge50 12" Guitar combo amp at Music Park Vox Cambridge50 12" Guitar combo amp in Perth VOX Cambridge50 is an ambitious product that expands new possibilities of modeling guitar amps. Realistic and ready-to-play sound with the modeling technology "VET", distortion unique to tube amps that cannot be covered by digital technology using Nutube, quick response and tone change, and good sound through the open back cabinet with 12 inch speakers . The VOX Cambiridge50 is a guitar amp that combines the best of these three factors. With 50W output and various functions, it supports not only live performance but also practice and recording at home. You can enjoy playing the guitar regardless of the scene. Eight different types of effects There are also a number of essential effect types for creating sounds. Two types of modulation and delay / reverb can be used at the same time, and there are eight types of variations, four types each. It is possible to create a total guitar sound. In addition, a tap button is installed, and it is possible to set intuitively such as delay time. Amp model: DELUXE CL, BOUTIQUE CL, BOUTIQUE OD, VOX AC30, VOX AC30TB, BRIT 1959, BRIT 800, BRIT VM, SL-OD, DOUBLE REC, LINE Effect type: MODULATION (CHORUS, FLANGER, ORG PHASE, TWIN) TREM), DELAY / REVERB (A.DELAY, TAPE ECHO, SPRING, HALL) Ovenback cabinet with Celestion VX12 speakers VOX Cambridge50 adopts Celestion VX12 speaker to make full use of 50W output. By using an oven-back structure on the back of the main unit, you can obtain a sound with good sound that is unique to 12-inch speakers. Nutube installed The new generation vacuum tube Nutube is carried. Nutube, which applies the technology of a fluorescent display tube with the same structure as a conventional vacuum tube, is installed in various products including VOX. From tube distortion to compression and response to playing comfort, you can feel the perfect flavor of the tube. In addition to the lightweight design that could not be achieved with conventional tube amplifiers, it is a specification that can only be achieved with Nutube, such as maintenance free, outstanding cost performance, etc. Enhanced support functions VOX Cambridge50 also includes features to support guitarists in all directions. AUX in which you can enjoy session play while playing an external sound source as well as a tuner, headphones and line out equipped with a cabinet simulator that is useful for home practice and recording, preset mode that can instantly recall the sound of ready-to-use sound, conventional amplifier Similarly, it has a manual mode that reflects the position of the physical knobs. Equipped with USB audio interface Equipped with a USB audio interface function, it is possible to record Nutube sound directly to a PC via USB. It not only enjoys playing but also boasts a high potential as an amplifier that has a high affinity with the DTM environment. Editor / librarian software "Tone Room" improves convenience Editor / librarian software "Tone Room" for VOX Cambridge50 is available. It also functions as a sound make and library with parameters not found in the main unit. It supports Mac / Windows, iOS / Android, and can be easily accessed via USB. Expand functions with a foot switch If you use the optional accessory foot switch, you can change the program at your feet. Also, when a VFS5 (sold separately) is connected, the program memory is expanded to 8 types. Perfect for performing on stage. Bundle modeling software "JamVOX III" Modeling software "JamVOX III" is bundled, so you can easily enjoy playing guitar on your PC. You can use the "GXT" function that can cancel or extract / emphasize any part from a pre-made song, and the music player function that supports loop playback and tempo change that is convenient for copying and training. In addition, since it supports ASIO drivers, it is possible to record and play through software such as a DAW other than "JamVOX III" or a guitar amp simulator. Music Park in Perth Western Australia carry a great range of Vox Amps
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Manufacturer Vox
Amplifier Type Combo Unit, One Speaker
Amplification Method Solid State
Modelling Amplifier (Y/N) No
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