Tama MS205 Black Professional quality Microphone Stand

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The Tama MS205 Black Professional quality Microphone Stand is a professional quality microphone stand. They are the stand Music Park recommends and are also available in Chrome at our Perth Shop

Tama MS205 Black Professional quality Microphone Stand at Music Park in Perth




Boom Tilter

TAMA's unique boom tilter clamps the arm holder much more securely than standard designs, which only pinch the holder at two narrow points. Instead the TAMA design holds the arm with entire interior surface of the U-clamp.


Cast Grip Boom Tilter
Weight: 3.2kg
Height: 960 - 1600mm (38" - 63")
Arm: 830mm (32 11/16")


Music Park in Perth Western Australia carry a range of Microphone Stands and the Tama MS205 is the one we recommend









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