Yamaha U1PMQ Polished Mahogany Upright PIano

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The Yamaha U1PMQ is designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician. Upright pianos with outstanding tone, touch and durability. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

A padded lift up lid stool, Standard Metro Delivery and 2 in home tunings included in the price.

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Yamaha U1PMQ Polished Mahogany Upright PIano at Park Pianos

Yamaha U1PMQ Polished Mahogany Upright PIano in Perth

The Yamaha U1PMQ is made in Yamaha's Japanese factory and is famous for their quality control and attention to detail. The quality of the action and the tone are legendary and recommended by most piano teachers and piano tuners


Seasoned for Destination (Australia)

Yamaha specifically seasons this piano for the Australian market. The tuning stability, finish and overall musical integrity are enhanced over the long life expected of a fine piano.

Yamaha U1PMQ Upright Piano - Polished Mahogany


With its warm, solid sound and consistently stable playability, the U series draws you in and lets you immerse yourself in the piano from the first time you play it. This model epitomizes the Yamaha upright piano, and embodies a standard in pianos that has matured over decades—inheriting the fundamental specifications and characteristics, and remaining in high regard by professional pianists.



The exceptional high-quality sound and durability of the U series have been achieved through outstanding design, thorough quality control of the wood materials, and unique application of advanced technology to craft parts that are resistant to warping and twisting. The result is extraordinarily smooth and sensitive playability, with even the most delicate nuances preserved and given full expression. We have packed all of Yamaha's unique commitment in this instrument to ensure that your piano playing enjoyment lasts for a long time.




A special Soft-Close damping mechanism is built into the fallboard, closing the lid slowly and preventing possible injury.




Augmenting the elegant and luxurious polished ebony finish, a satin American walnut finish that brings out the beautiful wood grain, a polished mahogany finish, and a stylish white finish are also available. Select the one that best enhances the interior of your room or performance space. * There are some natural differences in the wood grain and shades, depending on the region and the individual instrument.




The U series lineup also includes advanced hybrid pianos, such as the TransAcoustic™ which lets you control the volume and yet maintain the rich, expressive sound unique to acoustics, and the SILENT Piano™, which lets you plug in a set of headphones and enjoy playing the piano any time you want without disturbing others. It also has a Disklavier™ type which allows you to record and playback piano performances—letting you enjoy listening to concert-like piano content, and giving you even greater musical pleasure and satisfaction.











In our minds, the piano is not a “finished” instrument; we relentlessly endeavor to improve the piano for those who enjoy playing it. As we pursue ‘ideals’ for the piano—ideal sound, ideal resonance, even ideal styles—we continue to positively evolve the piano in a variety of ways, including employing innovative manufacturing methods and the meticulous selection of new materials. The Yamaha piano brand is renowned and loved all over the world, and we strive to keep that reputation.

There are roughly 8,000 parts used in the construction of piano, many of which are made from natural materials having distinct differences and their own individual characteristics. In order to maximize the characteristics of each material and create the ideal sound, Yamaha conducts intensive research on each and every one of them. The artistry that goes into each individual piano is an exquisitely delicate balance between the traditional craftsmanship that maximizes those characteristics and the state-of-the-art production techniques that ensure consistent accuracy.

As times, trends and lifestyles change, how can a piano be made to blend into our everyday lives? Yamaha has always strived to make pianos that can be enjoyed freely any time of day or night, yet maintain the special appeal of an acoustic piano that expresses the sound in one's heart. We have developed the TransAcoustic™ piano, which allows volume adjustment while retaining a luxurious acoustic sound, the SILENT Piano™, which allows silent playing with headphones, and the Disklavier™, which takes piano enjoyment even further with a wide variety of professional-level automatic performance content.

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